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Creating corporate visual identities has always been central to the work carried out at Vertigo Design. Whether Vertigo is designing visual identities for businesses or for institutions, it has always worked dynamically, aware of what is needed to constantly evolve and keep pace with the incessant development of new technologies.


Vertigo Design considers branding strategies to be a dynamic and creative process. With this approach, the market’s response can sometimes be as important as a client’s vision. 
Vertigo Design helps businesses develop a communications or sales strategy with particular focus on Visual Design so as to strengthen brand identity and ensure a company can assert itself in its target markets.


All the tools needed to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy will be at your disposal. We collaborate with our partners to provide coherent, effective and distinctive solutions. Vertigo Design is fully equipped to provide 360-degree integrated media plans, combining traditional solutions (press, radio, TV) with new forms of media (internet and social media).


We carry out all kinds of advertising campaigns – from developing creative ideas to implementing integrated strategies – using the press, TV, radio and the web. Advertising is seen as a necessary component in designing comprehensive strategies.


We design reports, magazines and newsletters for businesses and institutions. Thanks to our consolidated experience, we are fully equipped to offer a wide range of publications, including those used in online communications.


Infographics is seen as an essential component when conveying complex content to a wide public. Vertigo Design, with help from its partners and its ‘Infographicsense’ project, provides a cross-media approach, with projects that vary from the virtual (web and digital) to the physical (staging exhibitions and architectural areas).

Wayfinding projects should consider both traditional and digital wayfinding systems. Vertigo Design’s approach is to erect signposts and set up paths that, if possible, mirror the identity of the area.


Digital design
Vertigo pays great attention to communication, web surfing and branding-related issues when designing projects for the web and smartphones. Vertigo Design is active in thinking up and implementing innovative business solutions.

Exhibit design
When staging exhibits or fairs, Vertigo works closely with its clients and partners in a bid to use the physical space as a way to tell stories. The detail that they put into staging their contents is combined with their meticulous attention towards making sure that all the elements needed to make a comprehensive communications strategy are present.




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