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Information on the use of Cookies

Cookies are lines of text (data packets) Used to store specific information about users accessing the server of the website you are browsing. This site uses cookies to improve the quality of his service.

Examples of use of cookies

Some cases where keeping track of the browser becomes a necessity:
  1. when you want to customize visitor experiences based on pages that have already visited (Eg. for proposing useful information).
  2. when we want to prevent the user when moving within restricted area, Is forced to repeat log on every page
  3. in a site of e-commerce: keeping Cart. Until the time of purchase, the memory of the choices made during the browsing and use preference in subsequent browsing.
  4. Counters visits Counters users online etc.

Types of cookies

There are several types of cookies that may be stored both in the volatile memory your PC, that on hard disk (Hard Disk).

In the first case are cookies not set for a deadline and therefore are Temporary: They will be automatically deleted when you close the browser windows.

Persistent cookies on the contrary, if not deleted manually, they can be stored on the PC for months or years depending on the term of validity with which they are set.

This distinction is important because it determines the extent to which the server-side applications will be able to track the user.

Our site uses both types of cookies previously described.

Rights of User

The visitor has the right to object to the registration of cookies by configuring their browser. In that case, some automation of the site will not be active but you can still navigate it.


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