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FOOD from the spoon to the world


Vertigo was in charge of a large exhibition held at the MAXXI museum investigating the relationship between food and space.


Exhibition launch with 3-D logo
Personalised trams
Exhibition catalogue and brochures
Section openings
‘Tea Ceremony’ infographics
‘Frankfurt Cuisine’ infographics
Section openings
Timeline of the trends of agricultural production. FAO figures from 2015
Infographics model for the ‘Seed Vault’ project. Made by Marco Galofaro
Infografica progetto 'Seed Vault'.
Modello infografico del progetto 'Food Tube'. Realizzazione Marco Galofaro.
Infographics model for the ‘Food Tube’ project. Made by Marco Galofaro
Infographics on food loss. FAO figures from 2015
Exhibition staging
Exhibition staging
Infographicsense interactive map projections. FAO figures from 2015.