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Communication through infographics


Data language.

A timeline showing the most significant moments in the 100-year history of Beni Stabili
The Annual Report displays the most significant results through a clear and essential use of infographics.
World Map highlighting the projects carried out by the Order of Malta.
The financial statements contain a great quantity of data, which needed to be interpreted through infographics in order to display them in the best way possible
Maps and pictograms for the Galileo satellite programme.
Pie chart highlighting Demanio’s financial statements
Before describing the lives of these street children, we wanted to allow the reader to understand how the city was structured. We therefore designed an easy-to-read map which divides the city into districts.
Map, pictograms and visitors
Map: City of Belluno
Wayfinding system and maps
System of pictograms.
“Appia New” map, sold in shops
Possible pathways and their landmarks
Map in detail
Signposting for offices
Indoor signposts for offices
Direction signs
Signposts and pictograms