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Navigating Belluno


Vertigo won a contest allowing them to manufacture all signposts to be used in Belluno’s city centre.

Vertigo started this wayfinding project in Belluno by printing the map and creating the signs on the ground.

A set of stencils in 5 different colours helps lay out the signs. When you are nearing an important landmark, a number will be added to the square and arrows which corresponds to a landmark on your map.

The words “Belluno città splendente” (Belluno shining city) are on the upper part of all the signs, together with the Belluno city crest and the symbol of this project.

The three main itineraries for pedestrians are marked on the map, as well as the signs placed at the city’s entrances. These signs also indicate the average time it will take to go down these routes (Each module takes on average three minutes to walk down).

Belluno’s city map in detail. The maps take into account the placement of signposts, so as to have an immediate confirmation between the map and the real world.

Each of the three routes has its own symbol, ascribable to Belluno’s history: Dino Buzzati (a novelist), The Dolomites (mountains) and Sebastiano Ricci (painter).

All signposts you will find on the “Ricci” route.

The signposts weren’t put up exclusively for tourists, but rather to assist any and all visitors navigating Belluno’s city centre.

Vertigo wanted to be able to constantly update these panels, therefore they made the panels 20x20, 40x20 and 40x40 metres etc…

This wayfinding system was devised to be as flexible as possible.