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Advertising campaigns to promote corporations, products and institutions.


Vertigo devised RUFA’s enrolment campaign for the new academic year
Vertigo Design devised the billposting campaign for Intralot Royale
Advertisements for specialised magazines
Advertising campaign for Intralot’s new casinos
Advertisements for specialised magazines, websites and Telethon campaigns
Posters for Rome’s Department of Suburbs. Photos by Luca Cappellaro and Antonella D’Onorio de Meo
Poster and advertisements. Illustration by Gianluca Manna
Advertisements for “Città dell’Altra Economia”
These advertisements helped launch “registroimprese.it”, a service by the Italian Chamber of Commerce that lets people access online information regarding Italian and European businesses, their partners and administrators
Double-page spread for Regenerist
Double-page spread advertising the SPF level of all Olaz face creams.
Advertisement for “Summer” campaign
The visuals in the “Roma” and “Roma Uomo” campaigns display perfumes in a ‘monumental’ light
Multi-subject campaign advertising the international activities of this corporation
The theme of integration took centre stage in this series of advertisements for Almaviva
An institutional press campaign published in the most important Italian and French newspapers was devised to advertise the corporate merger between Alcatel and Alenia Spazio.