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A 360-degree view of Intralot


From retail projects in 600 betting parlours to the new advertising campaign.


Banners designed for Intralot’s ticket offices outside of Rome’s Stadio Olimpico.

Façade of the Intralot branch in via Tiburtina


Vertigo Design devised a retail project for 600 betting parlours all over Italy. The project was developed after analysing special distribution, thinking up a concept and designing the furniture

This manual contains all the necessary indications and info on how to make an Intralot betting parlour work

Advertisements for specialised magazines, institutional subjects

Advertisements for specialised magazines containing betting odds.

Advertisements for specialised magazines, websites and Telethon campaigns.


Corporate website for Intralot Italia

Intralot was given a 200-square metre stand at Enada, the most famous fair in the field of betting. The space was split into two parts: one advertising the brand and the other dedicated to betting.