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A breath of eternity


Laura Biagiotti’s brand image has been strengthened thanks to eight years of projects.

This celebratory press-kit for beauty editors was designed and created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the “Roma” perfume.

This shopping bag has been specifically designed to carry the celebratory perfume, CD and brochure.

Double-page spread of this book celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Roma”.

Inner pages in detail.

Double-page spread.

Shot of the brochure.

The visuals in the “Roma” and “Roma Uomo” campaigns displaying perfumes in a ‘monumental’ light, as if they were artistic treasures of the eternal city.

The restoration of the fountains in Piazza Farnese, promoted by Laura Biagiotti, was publicised in national magazines, which advertised the beginning and end of the restoration.

This project won the Silver Plaque for its advertisement and prize “Marco Borsa”.

To mark the 20th anniversary of the “Roma” perfume, Laura Biagiotti funded the restoration of the two fountains in Piazza Farnese, which took roughly six months to complete.

Press-kit for “Emotion”.