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3653 Days under the surface


Entire worlds of signs, meanings and signals lie cloaked under the surface of time. For over ten years Vertigo Design calendars have proposed an alternative view of what, beyond the obvious, courses alongside our daily lives: themes, topics, representations and interpretations in an uninterrupted flow of content and forms.
But each time a somewhat different view: from the values of Italo Calvino’s American lessons to Michael Hanlon’s unanswered questions, from the numbers that count for Le Monde Diplomatique to the language of information design, from images halfway between representation and dreams to the inexistence of time itself, from what makes a given design Italian to the contradictions that make Rome our city, from art that becomes a single word and vice-versa to timelines as time machines.
Every time we attempt to offer an idea able to withstand visual consumerism, capable of keeping us constant company for one or two months and every day bidding us to take our thoughts further, to go slightly beyond the obvious.
Video dell'apertura della mostra.